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Please take the time to read the rules for FYM. If you are unclear about something then ask me or post on the Yahoo Freight Yard Manager Group's Forum. You may find that some rules diverge from standard Railroad (RR) practice. This is intentional. Please remember that doing things 100% protypically in the simulation will not always be the correct way.

1. Downloading trains

Players may normally only download the following:
1.1 Any train posted to them.
1.2 Any train posted by them - if a correction needs to be made or if train has sat on server untouched for more than 7 days.
1.3 Any train posted as a Yard Job.
1.4 Any train posted as a Run Thru.
1.5 Any train listed under the OAF filter.

Players should only download trains under items 1.3-1.5 if they intend to run such trains immediately and repost that same day.

2. Uploading trains

Players should upload a train to the Yard Master (YM) of the map in question
If a map has no YM then players should upload to either Yard Job (train does work at this yard) or Run Thru (train enters and leaves map without stopping) as appropriate.

FYM will automatically select the YM for you (if one exists).

3. Running trains

Players should run trains either only on maps at which they are the YM or on maps where there is no YM.
The only exceptions to this rule are where a player has requested others run through his maps because he is away on vacation or is ill or is unable to be online for some other valid reason, or trains that are listed under the OAF filter.

4. Making trains

4.1 Players should only make trains on maps where they are the YM.
4.2 All engines created must be as listed (RR, Type/Model and Running Number) on The Diesel Shop
4.3 Engine running numbers should include the RR and the number only e.g. NS 7102
4.4 Engines should be 'painted' in a colour scheme appropriate to that RR, selected from the drop down list provided on the 'Create Cars' form.
4.5 All cars created should have a reporting mark taken from the drop down list on the 'Create Cars' form plus a number (minimum 3 digits, maximum 6)
4.6 Players may use the 'Random' option for all car types except Roadrailers, Spine cars, Well cars, IM flat cars, Autoracks and Passenger cars.

Players should avoid making excessive numbers of both engines and cars.

  5. Train Symbols and Routes (TSARs)

5.1 All trains running on the Network should have a TSAR reference, which defines both the Train symbol and the route to be travelled.
5.2 When trains need to be originated at intermediate Stations then players should apply the appropriate TSAR reference and then modify the Train Symbol as if it where a 2nd section of that train (see also 6.3).

6. Unique Train Symbols

6.1 Players should ensure that all trains they build and dispatch have a unique symbol for the current date.
6.2 When it is necessary to dispatch 2 trains with the same TSAR reference on the same day then players should modify one symbol so that it is a 2nd section of that train.
6.3 Where a 2nd section does not exist for that symbol or when more than 2 trains are required (e.g. multiple interchange trains arriving at the same time) then players should append a (lower case) letter to the primary symbol - e.g. BNSF B-PTLCHC1-##Aa

7. Train HP/Ton

The following are the minimum HP/Ton that should be used for each train type:
7.1 Intermodal, Autorack and RoadRailer - 1.8 HP/Ton
7.2 Mixed Freight - 1.0 HP/Ton
7.3 Unit Coal, Grain, Aggregates & Tankers - 0.8 HP/Ton
7.4 Local Trains - 0.8 HP/Ton
7.5 Passenger Trains - 10.0 HP/Ton

8. Train Blocking ..... See also Blocking Trains

8.1 Roadrailer, Intermodal and Autorack trains should be blocked by yard. If such trains are to work (or set off) at intermediate yards then the blocks should be arranged as either Engines/Block A/Block B/Block C/... or Engines/.../Block C/Block B/Block A, where A is the 1st yard to be worked (or set off), B the 2nd, etc.
8.2 If mixed Freight Trains (Manifests) terminate at a Hump Yard or other Classification Yard and do not work (or set off) at any intermediate yards, then the cars need not be blocked.
8.3 Manifests which work (or set off) at intermediate yards should have the cars blocked by yard (or group of yards),or by RR if an interchange, as described in 9.1.

9. Returning a Train

If everyone observes the Rules then there should be no reason to return trains. However, mistakes do happen and it is best that those who make the mistake, fix the mistake. In fact some mistakes can only be rectified by the originator. No-one may rebuke a player who returns a train for one of the following reasons.
9.1. An unrecoverable mis-route error, or a non-valid or missing TSAR reference.
9.2. Inappropriate destinations (the only person who can change a destination is the originator). e.g. multiple destinations on a Passenger Train, multiple destinations within an articulated car set, Unit coal trains with more than 3 destinations,Cars heading in the wrong direction (e.g. OH cars heading southbound into FL).
9.3. Trains which are too long ie longer than 8000 feet - see 8 above.

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