Recover Train Files .....

FYM saves backup train files on your local drive everytime you run a train into a map or you upload a train file to the server. These files are saved in the folder \server1\trains\backup\. These files are held for 28 days before they are auto purged by FYM.

From time to time you may need to recover some of these files - e.g. when an upload has not been successful or when you have crashed 2 trains or when you cannot load your map for some reason and you wish to recover it to the point when you last ran a train into it and obviosuly you wish to recover this train also.

This document describes how to recover the train files.

1. Open the Trains Run Monitor

2. Trains Run Monitor Form

This will initially dispay all the trains which you have run over the past month or so.

Clicking any column header will sort the data in either an ascending or decending alphabetical order. You can use the filters at the bottom to limit the amount of data output. Pressing the Reset All button will return the data presented to he default of all available.

The information presented should be self explanatory, with the exception of the 'File' column. Here filenames which contain only your username are files which exist solely on your hard drive. Those with either 2 usernames or 'Run Thru' or 'Yard Job' and a username are those which have been posted on the server. Where 'XXXXXXXXXXX' appears in the File column then the file for this train no longer exists on your Hard Drive.

3. To Recover a file

Simply double click anywhere on the row of the file you wish to recover. This will move the file to the 'trains' folder from where you can re-run it or post it to the server as required.


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