getting started .....

Ok so you have downloaded and installed the software, what now?

1. create a shortcut

First it is a good idea to create a shortcut on your Desktop from which to start FYM. This will enable you to customise how FYM starts by adding some Command Line Arguments (CLAs) to the shortcut Target Line. The use of CLAs is entirely optional but nevertheless it is a good idea to have a shortcut created with which to launch FYM. Click <CLA Manual> for information on how to create a shortcut and how to customise FYM.

2. set up username

You should be connected to the internet when you first run FYM. This is required to complete the installation by downloading the latest start files (these change frequently, with the posting of new or revised maps, new players joining and changes in ownership (Yard Masters) for specific maps.

You will be prompted to enter a username. This will be the name displayed on all trains which are either posted to or by you and also the display name in the online chat. Crude, rude or otherwise offensive usernames will not be permitted. You should also avoid using only your 1st name as a username - as it is unlikely to be unique.

3. say hello to fellow FYMer's on chat

On chat you can ask all those questions that you probably have. Don't worry everyone was a newbie once and the players will be only too happy to help you. FYM draws players from all over the globe so you will no doubt find some online no matter what time of your day or night you log on.

4. do the Tutorial

Use the Tutorial to become familiar with FYM's train controls. None of your actions, when doing the Tutorial, can impact on any other part of the simulation so feel free to experiment and climb the learning curve rapidly. Documentation for the Tutorial can be downloaded from FYM directly.

The main Tutorial takes place on map 1057 - Jacksonville NS Simpson Yard, FL. The map will have some cars on it but there are also 2 Tutorial trains available for you to run. These are labelled Y1057..... where 1057 is the reference number of the map. How to download the train files, open the map, move around the map, run the trains onto the map and control them are all covered in the Tutorial and need not be repeated here.

You can download the other practice trains and run them also. For these you will need to download the map files by selecting the map from the list of maps and then pressing the 'jpg-yrd-his' button. This will download the 3 files needed to open any map. (The 'yrd-his' should be used to download map updates/fixes when the background image has not changed). If you wish to practice map to map running of trains then you will need to have the map files for both maps (i.e. the one the train is leaving and the one it is now entering).

When you have completed the Tutorial you should delete all trains you have on yoru Hard Drive.

5. FYM's Maps & Trains Form

This form gives access to all maps and trains available to you

6. Understanding the Train File Name

A typical train file name may be: 'Y1930-08E02F010C0-987-Dragon27-buli.trn' - this is automatically constructed by FYM as follows:
Y1930 - Yard at which train will enter - in this case it is Macon Georgia Central Yard, GA
08 - the exit at which train will appear when run onto map
E02 - the number of engines
F010 - the number of freight cars
C0 - the number of Caboose
987 - a randon number 001-999 to ensure uniqueness of file name
Dragon27 - the player to whom the train is posted (in this case the Yard Master (YM) at Macon Georgia Central Yard)
buli - the player posting the train
trn - train is off map (could also be tr1 in which case train is actually already on map)

7. Register as a Player

This can be done at any time, but once registered the Tutorial trains will no longer be available to you. To register you must send the following details to the email address given in the pop-up box as you log onto FYM each time:

1. Your username (n.b. this is case sensitive, so make sure it is as you have typed it within FYM)
2. Your real name - just your first forename will do.
3. Your preferred email address for contact.

8. Changes to the Maps & Trains form for Registered Players

As a Registered Player you have full access to train files on the server and you can now apply to be come a Yard Master at one or more maps. You will also notice some changes to the Maps & Trains form - middle right section.

The additional check boxes and the 'Custom' Text box are filters which you can use to modify which train files are displayed. By default (i.e no box checked and the text box empty) all trains which are either posted to you or by you are displayed. The filters modify the display as follows:
1. Yard Jobs - these are trains posted to a map where there is no Yard Master (YM) and which require work at that map. e.g. car switching, reblocking or (un)loading.
2. Run Thru - these are trains posted to a map where there is no Yard Master (YM) and which require running through that map (i.e. no other work requires).
3. OAF (Old and Forgotten) - these are trains posted to a YM but which have been left on the server and ignored for too long a period of time.
4. All Trains - not surprisingly shows all trains currently on the server.
5. Alt View - Shows the train files on the server but listed by Yard and Train Symbol, instead of by train file.
6. Custom - returns all trains where the text input matches some part of the train file - e.g. 1082 will return all trains posted to map 1082 - Atlanta Inman Yard, GA

Show ID will display a train files server identity. Please report this plus the train file name if you need to report any server file problems.

> 9. Rules for downloading trains

Players may normally only download the following:
1. Any train posted to them.
2. Any train posted by them - if a correction needs to be made or if train has sat on server untouched for more than 7 days.
3. Any train posted as a Yard Job.
4. Any train posted as a Run Thru.
5. Any train listed under the OAF filter.

10. Rules for uploading trains

Players should upload a train to the YM of the map in question
If a map has no YM then players should upload to either Yard Job or Run Thru as appropriate.

FYM will automatically select the YM for you (if one exists).

11. Rules for running trains

Players should run trains either only on maps at which they are the YM or on maps where there is no YM.
The only exception to this rule is where a player has requested others run through his maps because he is away on vacation or is ill or is unable to be online for some other valid reason.

12. Rules - the rest

Players should only make trains at maps at which they are the YM.


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