Install or Update FYM

Current Release: V5.5.0 (20 July 2018)

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FYM Installer - V5.5.0 (15 September 2018)

It is not recommended that you install FYM to any of the following locations:

  • A folder in the 'Program Files' folder structure (due to security constraints in Windows).
Download FYM Installer

FYM installation help documents

How to install FYM (new install). If you are moving to a new PC and you are already a Registered Player, then copy the file [ROOT]/server1/ from your original installation to the same location on your new installation. Do not try and unzip.

Click here to download Help for a new installation of FYM.

How to upgrade from the previous version

Click here to download Help on upgrading FYM from the previous version

How to customise FYM startup using Command Line Arguments.

Click here to download FYM's Command Line Arguments Manual

Optional Downloads

FYMMap - V5.04 - use to create maps for FYM. Extract file to FYM's [ROOT] folder. FYM must already be installed.

Click here to download

FYM Industry Reference Guide

Click here to download FYM's Industry Reference Guide

The Beta provides an opportunity to try and comment on the latest developments in FYM before they are officially released.
No beta currently released.

Startup files for FYM

Place file in [ROOT]\server1\ - do not unzip these files. These files are normally downloaded on FYM startup. You should only download here if you experience problems starting FYM.

Click here to download - file defining network of yards, the Railroads operating at each and the car types each yard handles.

Click here to download - file containing the usernames, real name and email address of all registered players.

Click here to download - file defining Yard Masters at all yards and Railroads the simulation uses.

TSAR files

Train Symbols and Route files for all trains which run on FYM Network - place in [ROOT]\server1\TSARs\

Burlington Northern Santa FeCanadian National
Canadian PacificCSX
Kansas City SouthernNorfolk Southern
Union PacificRegionals and Shortlines

Network Schematic

Network Schematic Map ..... To view within FYM, Right click on image and save in [ROOT]\server1\connections\

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