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Colour Filters allow you to customise your view of cars in a yard, such that you can very easily identity cars either by type or destination/source yard or by destination/source Railroad, or indeed by specific block within a train. Such information is vital if cars are to be sent to the correct locations and trains are to be built and blocked correctly.

There are 3 main sets of Coloured Filters:

1. Yard, State, Railroad & Car Coloured Filters

2. Railroad + State/Province Colour Filter

3. Block (Track) Colour Filter - new in V4.062

Yard, State, Railroad & Car Coloured Filters

a. Accessing the filters

b. Setting the colours

With a map open the Yard State Railroad & Car filters can be accessed by pressing the following keys:
1 ... Car type filter. Mouse roll-over information (MRI) = Car Mark, Type and Commodity if available ('Empty' if not loaded).

2 ... Destination State Filter. MRI = Car Mark, State, Yard, 'Destination'.

3 ... Destination Yard Filter. MRI = Car Mark, State, Yard, 'Destination'.

4 ... B/O Car Filter. All B/O cars flash red/white. The remainder are white only. Ignore flashing blue/white cars for now. MRI as for #3.

5 ... Local Car Filter. Cars for current map are purple (plus shades for each child in a MIM). All other cars are brown. MRI as for #3.

6 ... Destination Railroad Filter. MRI as for #3.

The following filters are accessible via the 'Number Pad'. They produce similar output to those above,but for sources where appropriate.
NumPad 1 ... Car type filter. Same as #1.
Numpad 2 ... Source State Filter. MRI = Car Mark, State, Yard, 'Source'.
Numpad 3 ... Source Yard Filter. MRI = Car Mark, State, Yard, 'Source'.
Numpad 4 ... B/O Car Filter. Same as #4.
Numpad 5 ... Local Car Filter. Same as #5.
Numpad 6 ... Source Railroad Filter. MRI as for Numpad #3.

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Setting the Colours ...

With the map closed click on Menu --> View --> Yard State Railroad and Car Colours

This will open FYM's Yard State Railroad & Car Colours form

1. Initially the colours as defined in FYM's default set of files will be displayed.
2. If you wish to use a different set of files (ones which you have previously edited), then select the relevant nnnn.ycl file from the drop down 'SOURCE' file list.
3. To save changes or to copy the current colours to a different yard, simply select the required yard in the drop down 'TARGET' file list.
4. The save is done once per selection of the 'TARGET' file.
5. Yards will be displayed for an individual State/Province upon selection of same.
6. To edit a colour, double click on the relevant item to open the standard 'Colour Selector' for Windows.
7. The Repeat button sets all yards in the selected State/Province to the same colour as the 1st entry.
8. The Random button sets a random colour for all yards in the selected State/Province.
9. If you make changes and then press 'QUIT' before saving them, then you will be prompted for confirmation of this action.

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Railroad + State/Province Filter

With a map open the Railroad + State/Province filter can be accessed by pressing the following key:
7 ... Railroad + State/Province Filter. Mouse roll-over information (MRI) = Car Mark, Type and Commodity if available ('Empty' if not loaded). This sets all cars for the selected RR+State/Province combination to blue, with all cars for the same RR but not the selected State/Province to a light blue, with all other cars set to white. The selected RR + State/Province is displayed in red, for a few seconds, on the left of screen at mid-height.

Selecting the RR + State/Province ...

Click on Menu --> View --> Railroad + State/Province filter.

1. Select the required RR and State from the relevant lists and press 'ADD'.
2. Select the required combination and press 'Set Active'.
3. The remaining buttns do exactly what it says on the labels.

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Block or Track Filter .....

With a map open the Block filter can be accessed by pressing the following key:
shift plus 3 ... this sets each block of cars to a user defined colour. MRI = Block or Track Name.

1. The Block filter can be used for any map/yard.
2. For a Hump Yard ... the Blocks are automatically set for each track (assuming the Hump Yard swt and set files exist).
3. If 2 or more tracks are identical only the colour defined for the first track found is used.
4. If a car could be assigned to more than 1 track, then it is assigned to the first track found, whether or not this track is 'closed' or 'blocked'.
5. For multiple Humps, the tracks are tested in reverse order of the Hump Crests i.e. Crest N, Crest N-1, ..., Crest 1.
6. To change block/track colours – open the ‘Assign Classification Tracks’ form with 9.
7. Select track to change and press small coloured ‘C’ button beside track name.
8. This will open ‘FYM Colour Selector’.

9. The coloured rectangle on botton right is the current colour set for that track/block. That on the left is the new colour.
10. Either adjust sliders to obtain desired colour, or enter the RGB values 0-255.
11. Press ‘OK’ to apply it.
12. Press ‘OK’ on ‘Assign Classification Tracks’ form to save changes.
13. If no 'Others' track is set then unmatched cas will be coloured white.
15. In addition, all Articulated cars, Roadrailers and Passenger cars (deemed inappropriate to be included within a manifest block - not necessarily a manifest train), will also be coloured white.
15a. Single Autoracks and IM Flat cars can be in coloured Blocks provided such Blocks are set using either car/yard/status/siding or car criteria. Otherwise they to will be coloured white.
16. Basically when building a train if you end with 2 or more instances of the same colour block then it is highly likely that the train is not properly blocked.

17. For Non Hump Yards ... the player must define the block compositions in a similar way to that for a Hump Yard.
18. The swt, set, nam and hcf (new file type) files will be automatically created whenever you open a map for the first time.
19. Open the ‘Assign Classification Blocks’ form with 9. This is in fact the Hump Assign Classification Tracks form with some inappropriate functions disabled.
20. For Help on assigning cars to tracks (or blocks) click here ... Hump Yard Set Up Part II
21. For a non-Hump yard blocks are not associated with any particular track.
22. Unlike for Hump Yards, applying the same car assignment criteria to more than 1 block is not meaningful.
23. Items 6 to 16 above also apply here.

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Block List .....

With the Block or Track Filter active then pressing ? ... will open the Block List form.

1. The Block List gives information on car numbers, tonnage and length for all defined Blocks.
2. Note, where there are multiple identical tracks/blocks only the first is used to present the information.
3. Where the background colour is too dark then you can either change it or press the 'White Text' button to change the text colour to white.

4. To display only a few blocks (maximum 5), double click anywhere on the block you wish to add from the main list.
5. The block will be added to the Selection List.

6. Click on Show Only to see only the selected blocks, all other blocks will be coloured black.
7. With the map fully displayed pressing / will toggle the display between all blocks and the 1-5 selected blocks.
8. To remove a block from your 'selection', double click on the required block in either list.
9. To remove all blocks, press Clear All.

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