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This page describes the various CLAs which can be used to customise FYM. It does not describe how to set up CLAs. This is covered in the document FYM's Command Line Arguments Manual

FYM has 3 different schemes (or code sections), which are used to download various files e.g. the startup zips and the TSARs, map files and lastly the train files. It also has 2 different schemes by which train files can be posted on the server.

Which one is right for you can only be determined by you. However the recommendation is to use the default scheme i.e. no CLA) and only change if it gives you problems.

All CLAs are in uppercase.

The 3 schemes are as follows:
1. Native FTP code
2. HTTP (for downloads only)
3. 3rd Party FTP Library

1. Startup zips & TSAR files

a. The default scheme (no CLA) is to use the native FTP code.
b. To use the HTTP scheme - use -BOT.
c. To use the 3rd Party FTP Library - use -BOR.

Only one of the above can be active at any time.

If the initial train file list contains more than just the train files - use -GFO.

2. Downloading Train Files

a. The default scheme (no CLA) is to use native FTP code.
b. To use the HTTP scheme - use -BDN.

If after downloading a train file (with either method), the file remains on the server then either select the file and download again or if this becomes a problem then use -UAD. (This may slow file downloads a little).

3. Uploading Train Files

a. The default scheme (no CLA) is to use native FTP code.
b. To use the 3rd Party Library - use -BUP.

You should only use this option if the files you upload are empty.

4. Downloading Map files (including Connection Maps)

Currently only the HTTP scheme is available (i.e. no CLA).

List of other CLAs currently available .....

run FYM Offline

-W n
To specify a reduction in map width (n=number of pixels).

Produces a list of all connections which are greater than the value of n miles specified. The output is to \server1\connmiles.txt.

Sets the option Automatic Update of Local Folder as False

User specified file path for FYM files - Default is .

Draws the Common or Static switch leg.

Sets the opacity value for the 'Set Switched Road' Form. Where n is an integer with values of 50-100

Sets the creation of engines to enter a map as Short Hood Forward.

Sets a larger width for the Car Mark Column on the Train Information Form.

Fast Move. Sets the number of pixels to move for each arrow key press. N is an integer with values of 50-200

Turns off the direction indicators for stationary trains.

Classify cars by source rather than destination. Hump yards only.

Use the alternative u/l method (ctrl L) for some car types.

Use the alternative fuel & repair method (ctrl F).


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