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Prior to V4.20 it has not been possible to effectively control the loading of all cars such that the loads they carry are appropriate to both the source and the destination. i.e. it has been possible to load Aircraft Fuel at a Phosphate Mine and ship it to a Food Processing Plant - a complete mis-match of source, commodity and destination. V4.20+ seeks to control this effectively by establishing Industry Specific Cars.

Industry Specific Car Primary Index Secondary Index
Box, General Service91
Box, Insulated101
Tank, General Service121
Cov. Hopper, Grain131
Open Hopper, General Service141
Gondola, General Service151
Ore Hopper161
Flat, 60'171
Flat, Centerbeam181
Flat Intermodal191
Flat, MOW201
Flat, Bulkhead221
Flat, Heavy Duty231
Cov. Hopper, General Service 4-Bay241
RoadRailer Trailer251
Refrigerator, Mechanical2610
Box, 60' Auto Parts279
Box, Paper289
Tank, Food-Grade2912
Tank, Chemical3012
Tank, Pressure Chemical3112
Tank, Petroleum3212
Tank, Ethanol3312
Tank, Corn Syrup3412
Tank, Vegetable Oil3512
Tank, Slurry3612
Tank, Acid3712
Tank, Molten Sulphur3812
Open Hopper, Sand3914
Open Hopper, Petcoke4014
Open Hopper, Coke4114
Open Hopper, Ballast4214
Gondola, Steel4315
Gondola, Scrap4415
Gondola, Rock4515
Flat, Garbage461
Gondola, Garbage High-Sided4715
Flat, Lumber Bulkhead4822
Flat, Steel Bulkhead4922

Cars with a Primary Index can be set explicitly on any un/load siding using FYMMap. This means that such cars can be created on map (on that siding) or created via Local Delivery. This will obviously require map changes. Until the maps are changes cars with a Primary Index >25 will un/load as defined by their Secondary Index.

Cars can only be created on maps where their primary index is explicitly defined.

So the car 'Flat, Garbage can un/load on any siding where the car Flat, 60' can un/load - but it cannot be created there.


Industry Specific cars are sat so they will only un/load on sidings assigned to spcific Industries through the car type assignment of sidings in FYMMap. Basically this is how FYM currently works all that is changing is that some sidings will have specialist (In FYM terms) cars assigned to them.

Industry Specific Car Primary Index Secondary Index
Cov. Hopper, Food-Grade 4-Bay5024
Cov. Hopper, Plastic 4-Bay5124
Cov. Hopper, Sand 2-Bay5224
Cov. Hopper, Lime 2-Bay5324
Cov. Hopper, Cement 2-Bay5424
Cov. Hopper, Feed 4-Bay5524
Cov. Hopper, Fertilizer 4-Bay5624
Cov. Hopper, Mineral 4-Bay5724
Cov. Hopper, Fly-Ash 4-Bay5824
Cov. Hopper, Salt 4-Bay5924
Box, Lumber609
Cov. Hopper, Chemical 4-Bay6124

Mechanical/Physical Variants

Industry Specific Car Primary Link Secondary Link
Cov. Hopper, General Service 2-Bay2424
Cov. Hopper, General Service 3-Bay2424
Box, Jumbo Auto Parts279
Box, Hi-Cube General Service99
Tank, Small General Service1212
Tank, Large General Service1212
Flat, 89'1717
Gondola, High-Sided1515
Gondola, Long Mill1515
Tank, Small Chemical3012
Tank, Large Pressure Chemical3112
Tank, Small Pressure Chemical3112
Tank, Large Petroleum3212
Tank, Small Petroleum3212
Tank, Large Ethanol3312
Tank, Small Corn Syrup3412
Tank, Small Acid3712
Well, Garbage4715
Cov. Hopper, Food-Grade 3-Bay5024
Cov. Hopper, Feed 3-Bay5524
Cov. Hopper, Fertilizer 3-Bay5624
Cov. Hopper, Mineral 3-Bay5724
Cov. Hopper, Mineral 2-Bay5724
Cov. Hopper, Fly-Ash 4-Bay5824
Cov. Hopper, Salt 3-Bay5924
Cov. Hopper, Salt 2-Bay5924
Cov. Hopper, Chemical 3-Bay6124
Cov. Hopper, Chemical 2-Bay6124

Mechanical/Physical variation cars cannot be set explicitly using FYMMap. They can be created on sidings/maps where their 'Primary Link' is defined. They will also un/load on any siding/map where their 'Secondary Link' is defined.

All Secondary Indices and Links have been changed to '1' (No Secondary).

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