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welcome to Freight Yard Manager (FYM) .....

The main goal of Freight Yard Manager (FYM) is to have fun!

Basic operations include creating just about every type of currently operating railroad car, from the basic boxcar to articulated intermodal well cars.

Cars are loaded and assigned a destination, then routed by players to the destination map. The cars are unloaded, and either returned to the place of origin for reloading, or loaded at the current yard and assigned a new destination. There are no fixed rules as to what players should do with the cars they handle.

FYM uses a 2D overhead view of the Freight Yards (maps) - using actual satellite images as a background and "laying" Prototypical trackage over the image. FYM recognizes the lines as different types of track and switches, and guides the trains along them as if they were physical rails.

An extensive network links the maps such that players can run their trains map to map, all over North America.

Classifying (sorting) cars at a large freight yard hump is just one of the many prototypical yard operations that FYM offers. Running mainline trains, unloading coal trains at power plants, and switching cars at industrial sidings are just a few more.

game play .....

FYM is a team game. Although all teams are informal and variable in their makeup. Basically all players who have maps between a train's source and it's destination are part of a team.

Players have complete control of trains while the trains are on their maps. This may require a simple run through of the train to the next map or it may require reblocking or classifying the cars on the train, some of which may also require (un)loading at this map before being dispatched to a new destination.

Players then pass the train to the next Yard Master (YM) on the trains route (by uploading the train to the Maps & Trains server) for them to work the train, before they to pass it on. In this way the train moves across the network following (as near as possible) actual routes and oparations as it proceeds from it's source to it's destination.

also .....

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Most help documents are in pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader


features .....

This information supersedes any previously given (prior to 5-11-2016). Supported software. FYM runs on all current versions of Windows - 7, 8 and 10, including both 32 and 64 bit versions.

Prototypical ops for all Freight Yards including Hump and InterModal Yards.

Integrated online chat for players and an Integrated server for passing trains - player to player and for easy down loading of new maps.

Over 1000 yards/maps available in Canada & USA with frequent additions.

Authentic RailRoad sounds including functional Automatic HotBox Detectors.

Prototypical (un)loading of freight cars.

All Class I Railroads are included plus a growing number of Regional and Shortline Railroads.

system requirements .....

Windows 7, 8 or 10 operating systems.

NET Framework V2 or later - most systems will already have this installed

DirectX 9.0c - Windows 7, 8 and 10 users will need to download the runtime from Microsoft - see downloads section.

Disk space - FYM can be played with as little as 100MB of Hard Disk Space

FYM should run on all Processors and Graphics cards on machines purchased as new within the last 10 years. However, the better the Processor and Graphics card then the better will be your FYM experience.

latest news .....

V5.5.0 is available 15 September 2018: download here

FYMMap V5.4 is available 15 September 2018: download here

See Version History for further details.

Current versions:
FYM - V5.5.0
FYMMap - V5.4

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